Kenya Athletics and Sports Attractions

When you mention sports and Kenya, the large number of world class distance runners immediately comes to mind. Kenyans have traditionally performed well in international track competitions. Football (soccer) is played throughout the country from small villages to large cities. East Africa is known for its sports activities starting from athletics, deep sea fishing, golfing, football, cricket, hockey, basketball and others Safaris undertakes transport, tours and safaris, pre and post sports activities. These we undertake from Nairobi, Eldoret and Kisumu Airport. We Provide tailor made arrangements for athletes who want to sample training in Eldoret - Kipchoge Keino athletics training center and the Nandi Hills which produce the Kenyan world athletes.

Athletics Events / Long Distance Running in Kenya

Kenya is known worldwide as the athlete country of the world. AfriChoice organizes trips to various athletic events in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The most renowned athletic event in Kenya is the annual Standard Chartered Marathon which attracts marathoners from all over the world. The other tours which we organize is the visits to athlete centers which include:- the Kipchoge Keino training center in Eldoret and participation of the physically impaired individuals in the world special selection Olympic games which are held annually at Moi international sports Center - Kasarani In the year 2007 we will participate in the IAAF athletic event in Mombasa. We are also participants in the HIV/AIDS marathon in Kisumu organized by Richard M. Brodsky Foundation.
Golfing in Kenya - Golf Championship Safaris
Kenya has a number of beautifully scenic golf courses at various altitudes from Sea Level right up to the nine-hole Molo course at 2740m (8989ft). Windsor Golf and Country club is one of the attractions and The Railway golf club in the center of Nairobi city. The most recent is the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort in Naivasha which apart from golf also offer a variety     Conferences, Meetings & Incentives in Kenya

of activities for adventurous guests, including Game and Bird walks with our resident guides, Fishing and Boating on Lake Naivasha. The oldest is the Royal Nairobi Golf Club. The "Royal" title was bestowed on the Nairobi Golf Club in 1935 by King George V. Other golf courses include the Muthaiga and Karen Golf Clubs each with championship courses .While in Lake Victoria region, we will organize your golfing sports at the Nyanza Golf club. In Mombasa, Golf enthusiasts will be at home at the Mombasa, Nyali and the Leisure Golf Club.
White Water Rafting in Kenya
This is a popular event in Kenya and Uganda. While in Kenya, we organize this event on River Tana at Sagana. We will organize to pick your group from Nairobi in the morning and drive you to River Tana where this sporting activity takes place in Kenya. We will supervise the occasion and pick you after the event back to Nairobi. Sagana River is famous for the event.     Conferences, Meetings & Incentives in Kenya
Horseback Riding Events in Kenya

Our horseback riding safaris in Kenya are without a doubt the most exciting and adventuresome of all the AfriChoice rides. Strong riders, confident at all paces on broken terrain riding athletic horses will be in their element here. The opportunity to see big game and interact with wild animals on splendid horses is thrilling. Sometimes in the Masai Mara huge herds of wildebeest and zebra extend as far as the eye can reach. The opportunity to see picturesque native tribesmen whose culture is dramatically different from ours in remote areas unspoiled by frequent tourist visits is fascinating. The Laikipia rides around the snow capped peak of Mt. Kenya traverses several large ranches (up to 100,000 acres) which were carved out of the wilderness a century ago by white settlers. There are many similarities to the cattle ranches of the Rocky Mountain West. The wild game has been well preserved on these huge ranches although there are sometimes difficult interactions between game and cattle.
Men and Women Football & Volley Ball Sports in Kenya

Football is a renowned sport worldwide. Currently, women football tournaments are gaining ground as the most exiting and thrilling in the tourism industry. AfriChoice takes tourists to both events and also organizes village or rural football events by engaging the youth busy and not doing other irrelevant activities which would be detrimental to their health and well being e.g. HIV AIDS. We also organize HIV awareness football tournaments which make the youth in the rural areas/ villages aware of the epidemic. We urge our clients during the tours to donate balls for football, boots and uniforms, not to mention the trophies.
Kenya has two main international sports centers namely:- Moi International Sports Center - Kasarani and Nyayo National Stadium. From these sports centers, international events take place annually. They also house swimming pools and gym activities.
Bull Fighting Events in Western Kenya

These are a recent tourist attraction in western Kenya. It pulls tourists to western Kenya as an event of its own nature in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. AfriChoice organizes the participation of these events among other tour itineraries to western Kenya and Kakamega forest. This event is usually done in the early morning before mid-day since the event is performed before mid day. We include this tour with the tour of Kakamega forest and the crying stone within the area.
Swimming and Water Sports in Kenya

These includes but not limited to; deep sea fishing, scuba diving & snorkeling, yachting, water surfing in Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria. The East African Coast is a paradise for beach sports which include; deep sea fishing and water surfing in Indian Ocean. The Kenya coast harbors the best hotels which undertake the activities of scuba diving and snorkeling. AfriChoice undertakes the arrangements and bookings for these activities in Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Lake Victoria is another place for water surfing and deep sea fishing which is done from the Lake Victoria islands namely: - Mfangano, Takawiri and Rusinga Islands.

AfriChoice has arrangements with the management of these Islands, lodges and hotels and has contract rates for the same activities. Swimming is so popular in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to an extent that most schools have incorporated swimming classes. The under 15 and the under 10 in lower primary sections have swimming classes on a weekly basis. Swimming is gaining momentum as a tourist sport and many foreigners participate in this sport every year. Contests are held in Nairobi, Kampala and Dar es Salaam mostly.
Biking and Cycling Sports Sports in Kenya

Bicycle riding competition is so popular in western Kenya and in Mombasa. The famous Boda Boda riding contest is conducted along the Lake Victoria villages and beaches to create awareness in HIV/AIDS which has embedded the health in these areas. The most important events are conducted by the health NGO's and the Ramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation mainly in Kakamega and Kang’o Kajaramogi during the annual festival at the home of the late Ramogi Oginga Odinga.
Special Olympics and Sports Events in Kenya

This takes place at the Moi International Sports Center - Kasarani annually. It is a special Olympic event in that all the disabled persons are given a chance to exercise their sports skills and are awarded by being selected from this event to represent Kenya in the International special Olympic competitions. The sports include: - football for both men and women who are physically impaired, netball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, handball, hockey and others. The whole country converges annually to select the best that represent Kenya internationally in the Special Olympics.
The Maralal International Camel Derby in Kenya

This is an annual international event held mid year just outside of Maralal town; The World famous Maralal International Camel Derby was inaugurated in 1990 as a sporting event, with the added advantage of sensitizing the pastoral communities of the camel as a key environmental tool in combating the degradation of the environment.

It is Africa's best known and most prestigious camel race, attracting both local and international competitors. The event is a major draw for spectators as well as racers, and the competition is fierce. With its growing popularity and addition of cycle races which have U.C.I. (Geneva) recognition, this exciting event draws a wide attendance including a cross section of farming communities, ranchers, national and international press, television crews, would be participants and spectators from overseas, school groups and adventure lovers from all over Kenya and beyond.

The proceeds go to the Samburu Handicap Education and Rehabilitation Programme (SHERP). This project addresses the problem of education and rehabilitation of the handicapped children in Samburu District. Currently the Programme offers assistance to 112 disabled children but has no visible source of financial assistance and relies on the help of NGO’s, self help groups, Government of Kenya and private contribution to encourage the empowerment of persons with disabilities.
International Marathon Events in Kenya

This is the latest tourist attraction in Kenya. The most famous is the Standard chartered Marathon which is conducted by the Standard Bank annually. The race usually starts in Nairobi and it incorporates every individual both physically impaired, the blind, the normal office executive and lately the tourists from foreign countries.